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    When the trees start to fall, the grass begins to wear clothes. Mysterious, changeful autumn. It permeates every place in the school as an invisible air, which makes people look like a magic magician. Let the tree brother and the younger brother of the grass are put on a comfortable autumn outfit. The autumn sky, as blue as the sea, like rain washed. The fall of earth, like golden cotton, white clouds like a sailing canoe, slowly floating, campus of chrysanthemum fragrance accents full autumn mood.

    Autumn has come, it seems that with a chill, people began to put on a slightly thicker autumn, although autumn brings great changes to us, but the faces of the people ocean any overflow the eternal, lingering smile. Into the campus, came to our playground, the playground is a row of the south side of the old willow, they are so tall and straight, strong.

    As the soldiers like to defend territory. A breeze blowing, with the aroma of chrysanthemum to gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind, refreshed, so that the campus do not have a charm. Into the teaching building, and through the doors and windows of the classroom can see hard learning and strenuous efforts of the students some homework, some in reading, the intoxicating reading sound echoed over the campus.

    It is often said that autumn is the harvest season, farmers uncle busy for the rice harvest, and we also not to be outdone, harvest every day the teacher to teach us knowledge. The golden autumn, will our campus decorated so beautiful.


    秋天的天空我是中学生作文,像大海一样湛蓝,好像用秋雨洗刷过。秋天的大地我是中学生作文,宛如金色的棉田,朵朵白云犹如扬帆起航的轻舟,慢悠悠地漂浮,校园里的菊花争香斗艳充满了秋高气爽的情调。 秋天来了,似乎带有阵阵寒意,人们开始穿上微厚的秋装散文,虽然秋天给我们带来巨大的'变化,但是人们的脸上任洋溢着那永恒的、挥之不去的一笑。


    走进教学楼,透过教室门窗可以看见勤奋学习、发奋努力的同学们,有的在写作业、有的在读书,那令人陶醉的读书声回荡在校园上空。 人们常说秋天是丰收的季节,农民伯伯忙着收稻谷,而我们也不甘示弱,收获着每天老师传授给我们的知识。 金色的秋天,将我们的校园点缀的如此美丽。

    the 爱的故事作文 我是中学生作文 回报作文
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