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    It's going to be sunny on next Monday, has a highest temperature of 9 degree and a lowest of 5 degree . And it continues to be pretty good on Tuesday, has a highest temperature of 12 degree and possiblly a lowest temperature of 6 degree. But Wendsday is going to be a little windy, and getting cold. Highest temperature of 4 degree, lowest of -1 degree. And it will get colder and colder. Thursday is going to be cloudy, a highest temperature of 2 degree, a lowest temperature of -5. On Friday, it's going to rain. Also very windy, so better put on some warm cloth for that day. A highest temperature of -5 degree, a lowest temperature of -10 degree.

    2、天气预报(Weather Forecast)

    Let''s take a look at the weather in Shanxi Province for the next 24 hours. Taiyuan would be cloudy at the time with the temperature from eighteen to twenty-eight. A strong wind would reach Datong, which could cause much rain, The temperature would be sixteen to twenty-six. Yangquan would be sunny with the highest temperature of thirty degree. Linfen would be windy and its temperature would be twenty-three to thirty-two. We would have a sunny and hot day in Yuncheng. Its temperature would stay between twenty-eight to thirty-four.

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